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What is OTT?

Seriously, WTF is OTT?

An "over-the-top" media service is any online content provider that offers streaming media as a standalone product. This term is applied to video-on-demand platforms and refers to audio streaming, messaging services, or internet-based voice calling solutions. 


OTT services circumvent traditional media distribution channels such as networks or cable television providers. You can access the complete service as long as you have access to an internet connection — either locally or through a mobile network.


OTT services are typically monetized via paid subscriptions, but there are exceptions. For example, some OTT platforms might offer in-app purchases or advertising.


As a centralized media platform with the leading content pipeline for exclusive high-quality IP, the Aperteur OTT Network is an ideal amplifier to fit your communication strategy. In addition, Aperteur is a one-stop-shop where viewers can conveniently access everything in one place, and promotional endeavors can focus on one delivery point. 


Through live testing, Aperteur understands our audience: precisely how, why, and where they engage with content in the digital world. Our team includes content creators, producers, marketing experts, and sales agents, providing us with valuable insight into succeeding in this ever-changing media landscape. 


Aperteur is constantly curating, producing, and distributing high-quality series, short films, and features on-demand. In addition, we're pioneering educational content to inspire future content creators.


What sets the Aperteur OTT platform apart from other juggernauts in the marketplace is the mission of partnership over competition. Instead of competing with the leading streaming platforms, Aperteur’s goal is to create affiliate relationships with the major distributors.

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In 2020, approximately 2.13 billion people used over-the-top (OTT) video worldwide. According to the Advertising & Media Outlook, this is estimated to grow to 2.7 billion people globally by 2025.*


  • Why Should You Use OTT? With over 50% of North Americans maintaining Netflix subscriptions, it’s clear consumers love OTT content. Here are just a few reasons why the format is more appealing than traditional alternatives.

  • What is the Value of OTT? High-value content at low cost: Streaming services are widely considered a cost-effective alternative to traditional cable packages. A Netflix HD subscription is currently $12.99 per month, while non-HD plans cost $8.99. That’s a reasonable fee even if you only intend to watch a fraction of its offered content.


  • Why Now? Original content: In recent years, OTT providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime have begun producing original content that is exclusively available through their service. Platforms like HBO Max and Disney+ also have exclusive streaming licenses for previously televised content. Compatibility with multiple devices: For years, watching cable television required a television set. Today, we can watch OTT content from a broad range of devices. Any account holder can enjoy the same OTT experience from a gaming console, smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.


As this market continues to evolve, we want to be a leader in measuring the sponsorship value across the OTT landscape. If you are interested in being a sponsor of our OTT platform, contact us today!

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