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What is a A Two-Sided Marketplace

Aperteur is a two-sided marketplace that facilitates deals while establishing an audience. Our platform is a content clearinghouse that seamlessly develops, incubates, and presents compelling content to legacy networks.

Aperteur is a pipeline between high-quality content creators (sellers) and distributors (buyers). We empower storytellers to make informed decisions and take control of the fate of their creative assets.

What Is a Two-Sided Market?

“A two-sided market exists when both buyers and sellers meet to exchange a product or service, creating both bids to buy and offers (asks) to sell. This can occur when two user groups or agents interact through an intermediary or platform to the benefit of both parties. Also known as a "two-way market" or a "two-sided network," examples of two-sided markets are seen in a variety of industries and companies. One example is in the relationship between market-makers (specialists), who are required to give both a firm bid and firm ask for each security in which they make a market (acting as intermediaries), and buyers and sellers of securities.” - Julia Kagan, Investopedia

The Aperteur Operational Breakdown

As the market continues to rapidly evolve, Apertur wants to be a leader in measuring the sponsorship value across the OTT landscape.

1) Content Acquisition: Aperteur's content curation partners (Catalyst, Filmocracy and Rogue Matter) and talent acquisition team will work together to acquire high quality content to sign up with Aperteur for sales, marketing and distribution.

2) OTT Distribution & Marketing: Once the content is acquired, it remains on Aperteur’s platform for a term exposing the content on leading smart devices, such as Roku TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, IOS, Android and more.

3) Sales & Buyers: Aperteur’s sales and marketing team will use Aperteur Network as a calling card to direct traffic to its portfolio of exclusive content and creators. The team will pitch to leading big-box distributors, producers and influential entertainment professionals requesting that they review their content library. Once the sale has been completed to the benefit of all parties, Aperteur removes the content from its network, passing it on to its forever home.

Aperteur as a 24-hour accessible platform

As a centralized-media platform with a leading content pipeline for exclusive high-quality IP, Aperteur will constantly be curating, producing and distributing high-quality series, short films and features on demand. Not only will Aperteur have an eye for original content, but educational ones that will inspire future content creators. The platform will be readily available, easily accessible and internationally driven.

Contact the Aperteur Network team today at !

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