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  • Parmis Parsa

A Deep Dive Into the Current Problems Regarding the OTT Market

Updated: Sep 12, 2021

There’s an ocean of content out there. With more OTT platforms being established, there’s a building hurdle of new streaming channels to choose from. Adding to this is the algorithm that manipulates the marketplace, making it harder for content creators to gain exposure when competing. Unfortunately, it doesn’t end there; content creators not only have to think about which platforms they want to align with, but how best to retain the audiences they gain from it. There needs to be a right balance of commercialization from start to finish.

What solution is Aperteur offering?

Aperteur has developed a virtual incubator for content creators to incubate their creative assets with a platform that values opportunity, artistic integrity, diversity and relationship building. These elements will become the backbone of commercializing content creators work in a way that will build a loyal following which will then be leveraged in order to build a sustainable income.

Being part of the Aperteur community would mean interacting with a team of experienced producers, showrunners, and brokers who will assist with each step of the pipeline for distribution--ensuring that each piece of content is not only handled with care but is represented professionally to provide the best chance at success.

How is Aperteur different compared to other OTT platforms?

Aperteur wants their shows to leave the network!

That’s right, Aperteur is not interested in licensing and owning properties. Most shows will only spend a term on Aperteur, giving the sales team enough time to come up with a business strategy that aims to appeal to a variety of audiences. They want to be a waystation for blossoming content on its journey to global recognition.

Contact the Aperteur Network team today at !

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