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Our Team

Aperteur connects creators with audiences and major distributors, and with future collaborators in the world of entertainment. We combine high-quality undiscovered content, with data analysis, and an accessible platform that reaches worldwide audiences. The OTT platform initiative was created in late 2019 by entrepreneur and award-winning producer Jordan Elizabeth Gelber. 

Learn more about the team behind Aperteur, we're connecting Hollywood with the authentic, grassroots culture that represents the changing face of media.


Jordan Elizabeth Gelber is a media entrepreneur, marketing expert, and actress with 20 years of experience in the entertainment industry. She has built a career from her passion for helping aspiring content creators and artists utilize digital marketing solutions to brand and establish themselves in the marketplace.

The Aperteur Network launched at the end of 2019, it was created to provide more opportunities for creatives by connecting directly with leaders in the industry. 


Jordan believes that technology is the future of entertainment and that OTT is the next step in that direction.

She wants to use the platform to empower others that you do not need to wait for success because you have the ability to create it for yourself.


Through the Aperteur OTT platform, we are passionate about developing a community of like-minded producers, distributors, and affiliates. 

On the Aperteur OTT platform, we have created several "sharing partner" channels that also represent our mission of discovering new talent and launching careers in the world of content creation.

​Together we amplify unique digital assets from around the world and provide launch pads for all forms of media content.

​We are happy to introduce our sharing partners for the Aperteur Network! For more information or to become a partner of our platform, please contact us!


STARBABY ENTERPRISES is a marketing and production firm specializing in content creation, with an extensive network in the realms of entertainment, tech, and lifestyle industries.

We are a team of accomplished digital marketing strategists, social amplifiers, and brand developers: Raconteurs commanding a presence in an ever-evolving playing field.

We specialize in the following areas; branding + marketing, SEO + digital solutions, Over the top (OTT) app development, Social Media, production + distribution.

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