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How it Works

Bridging the Gap

We are building a new business model that reflects the radical shifts in how content is created and distributed today. With Aperteur we are bridging the gap between excited storytellers and engaged story buyers with tried-and-tested content. Through the power of OTT, we're a living laboratory of what works.


Aperteur is a two-sided marketplace that facilitates deals while establishing an audience. Our platform is a content clearinghouse that seamlessly develops, incubates, and presents compelling content to legacy networks. 


Aperteur is a pipeline between high-quality content creators (sellers) and distributors (buyers). We empower storytellers to make informed decisions and take control of the fate of their creative assets.


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  1. FRONT END: High-Quality Content Aggregation + Talent Acquisition Process

  2. WAYSTATION: Marketing & Branding Overhaul + OTT Network Distribution on Aperteur

  3. BACK END: Dedicated Sales Team brokering exclusive IP from Aperteur Network to desired marketplace & distributors


  • Content Acquisition - Our Content curation partners and talent acquisition team acquire high-quality content to sign up with Aperteur for sales, marketing, & distribution on the Aperteur OTT platform.


  • OTT Distribution + Marketing - Once the content has been acquired, it lives on the platform while streaming on the Aperteur Network living on the leading smart devices; Roku TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, IOS, Android, & more. We assist with all marketing, branding, & outreach for each piece of content while working directly with the creator.


  • Buyers + Future Distribution - ​​Utilizing the Aperteur Network as a calling card to direct traffic to our portfolio of exclusive content and generating traffic for our creators - our team of experienced sales agents/brokers pitch to the leading big-box distributors.


We invite the distributors, producers, and influential entertainment professionals to review our content library. When a sale has been made, beneficial to all parties, we remove the content from the Aperteur Network to live on the next distributor. 


Aperteur is a wholesale broker of an exclusive intellectual property portfolio that gathers audiences and analytics in real-time on our OTT platform. We are disrupting the entertainment market by putting every party in the pipeline on the same playing field. 


The OTT platform reduces the all-too-common friction between creators, audiences, and industry professionals. Aperteur is a technological hub where undiscovered talent can be showcased and presented to their future fans and aspirational distributors. 


Aperteur increases the likelihood of success by elevating diverse voices and creating multiple pathways to profitability. We replace the outdated model of boom or bust by leveraging technology, digital marketing strategy, and letting the content speak for itself.

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