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Our Company


Disrupting the Media Marketplace

Aperteur is the technological bridge between content creators and major distributors. We're connecting Hollywood with the authentic, grassroots culture that represents the changing face of media. Aperteur empowers artists to directly connect with untapped audiences and media buyers who crave new and innovative content.

At Aperteur, we believe that technology is the future of storytelling - it amplifies how we create, connect to our audiences, and experience cultures from around the world. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to share their story - that is why we created a digital outlet to empower storytellers by sharing their content and supporting them in the media marketplace.

We believe that creators deserve more opportunities to engage directly with their desired audience and take control of the fate of their creative assets. 


We believe that fans should have the ability to establish trends in real-time and major distributors have access to undiscovered content that they need to stand out in a saturated industry.


Aperteur is building a new business model that reflects the radical shifts in how content is created and distributed today. We're bridging the gap between excited storytellers and engaged story buyers with tried-and-tested content. 


Through the power of OTT, we're a living laboratory of what works - supported by the data, analytics, and outreach that technology can provide.


By establishing everyone on the same playing field, our pipeline provides a meaningful connection between diverse voices, the industry experience, and audiences of all backgrounds.


The Aperteur team and its advisory members are a group of entertainment industry professionals who share the same mission - to provide more opportunities to undiscovered talent, diverse voices, and innovative content creators. Our team includes filmmakers, producers, marketing experts, and sales agents, providing us with valuable insight into succeeding in this ever-changing media landscape.

If you are interested in speaking to any of our members, feel free to contact us today!


The Aperteur Network is the first wholesale media pipeline bridging the gap between content creators, major distributors, and real audiences via a streaming platform. 


Aperteur is a two-sided marketplace between high-quality content creators (sellers) and distributors (buyers). We empower storytellers to make informed decisions and take control of the fate of their creative assets.


Aperteur is an on-demand streaming platform featuring never-before-seen series and films. We are at the forefront of the seismic shifts toward a streaming-only entertainment world.

We built our content delivery system for easy access and international viewing across all devices. Aperteur's multi-platform strategy ensures a broad reach on the web, digital television, and smart devices.


OTT services circumvent traditional media distribution channels such as networks or cable television providers. You can access the complete service as long as you have access to an internet connection — either locally or through a mobile network.

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